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Factual Transparency Exchange – FTE This is an Exchange. Usually you exchange something in return for something else in an Exchange. Very known are Stock Exchanges in which Stocks, Shares, Commodities, Futures, Derivatives and Options are traded and exchanged. Now in our Exchange we want to exchange the transparent made facts, people know and who are present in this Exchange. In the meetings of the Exchange, we shall have a lot of breaks between the main-speakers, in which we can do this exchange of transparent made facts. I hope we can be a place or network for interchange and exchanging transparent made things in particular transparent made information in Sociological-Political-Economy and History!Featured image Sociology and Social Science are studies about the origin, development, organization, structure and functioning of society and the fundamental laws of social relations. Political Economy is a study about relationship between politics and economy and their influence on social institutions, the individual and society. Things should be factual, which is concerned with what is the real nature of – or the actual case of an occurrence. Whether the real nature, the case, or the occurrence is based on facts or is containing facts. Featured image Facts can be established, easily seen through, recognized or detected through transparency, which has the property of transmitting for example rays of light through its substances, so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen. Such bodies and discovered elements about historical events such as wars for example can be analysed and evaluated and because of this, they are crucial factual keys without which 20th century History, Sociological-Political-Economy and Military-Events can never be fully understood for our present situation as individuals and the life in our society we live in. Technology helps to discover those crucial factual keys by making them transparent. A microscope can make bacteria – or contents of our blood factual transparent. With a magnifying glass (magnifier) or convex lens you can make things factual transparent to your eyes.  With star-pipes in an observatory and Mathematics you can make dark stars, un-visible stars and other occurrences of the universe factual transparent. With telescopes andFeatured imagebinoculars you can make things in a far distance factual transparent. In this way, we want to work and thus our group is called “Factual Transparency Exchange – FTE”. The Factual Transparency Exchange will meet once a year and this year we will have a surprise – mystery speaker as main-speaker, next to other speakers, who will be made transparent to you at the meeting. As it stands at present, there will be a speaker on health-issues, who will have some nice take-away for you. A surprise which will be made transparent at the Exchange. Moreover there will be one speaker on Chem-trails & privacy, one on the International Bankster – system, one on the interest behind 9/11 and wars and one speaker on Freedom on the wallaby and how it works. You may be interested to tell the audience something you wish to say for a long time within 15 minutes. At our meeting, during the breaks we will make ourselves transparent to each other. How? You will see at the meeting! So, come and see please! Accordingly the topics will be made transparent, which relate to the above-named described character of the Factual Transparency Exchange, on this meeting as well, which will be not conducted in the usual convention of a meeting.  e-mail: br201300@gmail.com Featured image

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Since 9/11 in 2001 someone got a blank cheque for wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. Most of the people know who the someones are and you can trace them directly to Washington DC.. They were also responsible for the Vietnam-wars and Korea, etc.. The Presidents from Washington DC, like Woodrow Wilson for example said, “This is a war to end all wars”, and F D Roosevelt for example said, “More than an end to war, we want an end to the beginnings of all wars”. Today you will learn more about the trustworthiness of F D Roosevelt’s words and the question is: “If good has won World War II, why did it turn out to be so bad”?

I wish to make transparent to you, that most of the leading figures of the FDP of Germany are members of the Bilderberger Secret Society and when you want to make a career in this Party you join them. The economic-caucus of the Young Democrats at that time was chaired by Jurgen Mollemann who later became Vice-Chancellor of Germany. However Mr. Mollemann had a tragic death and we all suspect it was murder by the someones of Wahington DC in connection with the MOSSAD:



I also wish to make transparent that my work is based on the findings of following Jewish people:

Mr. Gilad Atzmon:     http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/

Mr. Israel Shamir:   http://www.israelshamir.net/

Dr. Norman Finkelstein:   http://normanfinkelstein.com/

Dr. Henry Makow:   http://henrymakow.com/000369.html

Dr. Lilienthal:    http://realnews247.com/alfred_lilienthal.htm

Brother Nathanael:   http://realjewnews.com/

Mr. Paul Eisen, the publisher of Uncensored Magazine:   http://pauleisen.blogspot.com/2014/04/belsen.html


I do not want to give an definition or reasoning about the Factual Transparency Exchange = FTE, because it is already done on the web-site and most of you have red it already: https://factualtransparencyexchange.wordpress.com/

This speech is also published on the above-named web-site!

If you appear in a court of law you will hear always two sites of the story. However in today’s Western media, you are presented 99 % with only one site of the story. My job today is also to make the other site of the story factual transparent, so we can find out about the myth and fiction.

The “Big lie technique” as quoted “The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed “ is widely and incorrectly attributed to Hitler and Goebbels. Also in the 9/11 truth-movement people are using it. See last section on:


Instead of this, Goebbels in his text “Churchill’s Lie factory” said: “The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous”. http://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/goeb29.htm


There are a lot of false Nazi-Quotations and they are made transparent on following web-sites: http://bytwerk.com/gpa/falsenaziquotations.htm


The Reichstagsfire is used by a lot of people and political groups against their political opponents as a false flag-operation of the Nazis which gives them the justification to toughen up laws. However there is the eyewitness-account of the former British Chief of ‘Black propaganda’, namely Sefton Delmer, who was minutes after the fire at the scene.



Sefton Delmer wrote an eye-witness-report and stated that the Nazis did not start the Reichstagsfire. Not bad for the Anti-Nazi – British Chief of ‘Black propaganda’: http://www.heretical.com/miscella/reichstg.html

Then you heard about the Reichskristallnacht or “Night of broken Glasses” and it is made public opinion, that Hitler ordered it. Ingrid Weckert refutes this in her book “Flashpoint”. She wrote that only some Jewish Synagogues in some German Cities were torched and up to now nobody knows who gave the orders to this. Also today we do not know who gave the orders for 9/11. Weckert is tracing the orders to a group of Zionists underground-figures working against Nazi-Germay: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v06/v06p183_Weckert.html

Mark Weber, M.A. wrote a review about the book:


David Brockschmidt’s father was a business-partner of Oscar Schindler: http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/newsletters/n216.htm

David risked his life for the Zionist Gangster state of Israel during the 6 days war and he has following to say about the “Reichstagsfire” in one of his special articles. See the headline The Reichstagsfire on: http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/newsletters/n248.htm

How to make the connection between War & Economics transparent?

There is an attempt to do this on following web-site-forum: http://forums.delphiforums.com/oldfri/messages/?msg=20.1

Famous American Jew Mr. Bernard Baruch, who was the adviser to many US-American Presidents, said the revealing quote: “All wars are economic in their origin” : http://yhvh.name/?r=4727&l=2


The Third Reich was on the way to establish the First functioning workers-paradise on earth:


This was not in the interest of Wall Street, the City of London and the Zionists. They feared, if the German example would spread to the US and Great Britain, their miserable and low existence parasitic life would be finished. The Strength through Joy organization of the Third Reich organized leisure ships for the labour-force and the British did not allow those ships to enter any British harbour. They feared to much that the German Labourers would talk too much to the British Labourers which in return would demand the same in Great Britain: http://national-socialist-worldview.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/an-american-professor-looks-at-national.html

And for this reason that fellow Hitler had to be stopped!

Not many people know that International Jewry declared war on Germany when Hitler was just a couple of months in charge of the country. Their declaration was printed in leading English newspapers and you can find about it on following web-site:


Our present-day 9/11 case and the subsequent war on terror serves only the interest of bankers, Wall Street, the City of London and the American war-machine. People know, that Bradley Manning delivered to WikiLeaks the information about war-crimes committed by the US-forces in Iraq. He consequently got jailed for doing the right things and it should be the the US=President who should be in jail and not Bradly Manning: http://www.chelseamanning.org

Not many people know about the famous “Kent-Case” of WW 2 :


Tyler Kent was a cable-clerk in the US-embassy in London from Oct. 1939 – May 1940. Through the US-embassy the messages of US President F D Roosevelt were transmitted to British Prime Minister W. Churchill. Kent red the messages and quickly learned that Roosevelt was doing everything in his power to subvert the law and deceive the people in order to get America into war. He made copies of those messages and wanted to send them to each members of the US-Congress, which had led to the impeachment of Roosevelt. However one night his door to his flat in London was broken in by British authorities and he was arrested and spent the rest of the war-years in a prison.

A lot of people believe, that the attack on the sender Gleiwitz  on 1st September, 1939 is the beginning of WW2, but not many know that polish anti-aircraft-guns shot down civil passenger aircraft on their way from Berlin to Koenigsberg in Prussia over the corridor. Also the Gleiwitz-border-attack by the Polish was not the first border-attack. There happened more before the 1/9/1939. Hitler like Putin in our days was very patient to come to a peaceful solution about the conflict of the corridor. Hitler proposed to the Polish government to hold a referendum in the corridor, and if the people there decided they wanted to be part of Germany, Hitler would have given to Poland access to the Baltic Sea – harbours of Gdingen and Danzig, through a free-way built by Germany. If the people there had decided otherwise, Hitler wanted a freeway between Berlin and Koenigsberg. Hitler’s proposal was rejected by the Polish government who committed ethnic cleansing against Germans, Russians and Ukrainians in Poland and put them into concentration-camps:










The High Commissioner of the League of Nations to the Free City of Danzig was the Swiss Prof. Dr. Carl J. Burckhardt. In his book :My Danzig Mission 1937 – 1939”, he wrote about his letter of 20th August, 1938 to the Director of the political section of the League of Nations bureau and General-Undersecretary Frank Walters, that the Polish foreign minister Beck expressed, that the Polish government played a double-game, in which it hoped for the highest profit for Poland from the inevitable catastrophe which was planned for Germany: https://forums.delphiforums.com/oldfri/messages/?msg=21.1

Edward Raccynski, the Polish Ambassador in London from 1934 -1945 confirmed in his diary which was published in 1963 the authenticity of the documents of the White Book of the Germans. These documents reveal the report of March, 1939 of Juliusz Lukasiewicz, the former Polish ambassador to Paris, which he sent to the government in Poland, reporting the efforts of US-President FD Roosevelt to get both Poland and Britain to adopt a totally uncompromising policy towards Germany, even in the face of strong sentiments for peace: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v04/v04p135_Weber.html

Joseph Kennedy was US-Ambassador in London and he rejected the campaign of F D Roosevelt to incite war in Europe.

The 2nd World War  was avoidable and unnecessary and you can read about this in the book of US-American military historian Dr. John Beaty “Iron Curtain Over America”. See chapter IV “The unnecessary war”, Pg. 46 on following web-sites:


Like Bernard Baruch, most of F D Roosevelt’s (he was 1/8 Jewish) advisers were Zionists and it was their aim to incite War in Europe and the ultimate winners of the war would be the Zionists with the establishment of the Zionist gangster-state of Israel in 1948.

Also today with 9/11 the same forces have launched and incited the war for Greater Israel in the Middle East and the soldiers who do the dirty work for them do not realize that they fight for “BULLSHIT” again. Through Greater Israel, Wall Street and the City of London will corner the world-oil market, get the still independent Muslim Banks under control and through the war-refugees create for themselves a big cheap labour-pool in the Western World through legal contract-labour, making the labourers fighting each other for jobs by undercutting each others wages.

Mr. Christopher Bollyn has exposed these forces on his web-site:


The Ones who fought for Wall Street and the City of London always fought for bullshit and it is Louis Farrakhan who is saying all the truth about the war for bullshit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4sKZAIaDhw

Accordingly the ANZAC’s fought for bullshit too, with the exception of the defence of Kokoda and Darwin. Australia has a traitor-class and the Brisbane-line proves this:


Pages 6 and 14 to the Brisbane-line can be found on following web-site:


During the second World War in Australia, Australian Percy R. Stephensen and the Australia First Movement knew that the war was not in the interest of Australia and thus they were put into internment-camps (Australian word for concentration-camp):

P. R. Stephensen

For that reason the fight in Australia must go against the traitor-class of Australia!

Also the Zionist stopped the German Peace-initiative in 1916 in Europe and thus more people had to die in WW 1 including Australians only to make sure the Zionist got their Balfour-declaration:


Study who was responsible for World War 1 on following web-site:


The role of Putin: http://stasi-song.blogspot.com.au/


Now, I will give you the information, which will give the factual transparency, that the Zionist of Europe have declared WW 3 already: The Zionists want a III world war in the Middle East against Islam, which includes Iran. It is not only for oil, but the Wall Street and City of London Zionists want to get control of the still independent Muslim banks and with this they will get Greater Israel as a hegemony power in the Middle East for Wall Street and the City of London:



The incitement against Muslims goes to the extent, that some Australians believe that “Australia has to be defended in Iraq”. Accordingly you have parties and groups in Australia which are Zionist connected and incite for war against Muslims.

Here all the transparency of the Whore of revelation:



“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

(George Orwell, 1984)

In this year 2016, the 15th anniversary of 9/11 is going to happen and thus here are the web-sites which provide the latest exposures in this case:



September 1, 1990 & September 11, 2001 are the beginnings of events which are leading up to World War III:


Raw War

Only the world-wide exposure of the people behind 9/11 will stop World War 3!

Here the web-sites which give you the idea, who is behind the 9/11 case. Christopher Bollyn writes about the deception and the destruction of the evidence in the 9/11 cover up:

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
(George Orwell, 1984)


Who is the one who controls the past of the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank, WW1, WW2 and the wars after 1945. To this read about the Zionist intrigues with a strong focus on 9/11 and the Iraq war, on:
Hidden History and Grand Deceptions by Brandon Martinex:

The wars have not solved the poverty we have now in the Western World. The petrol-price did not get lower for the consumer and the wars have created refugees, who are used by the capitalist war-mongers as cheap-contract-labor to rival the labourers of the Western World and undercut their wages.
Switzerland follows Iceland in Declaring War against the banksters. Why is your government not doing it?

The interest-profit dictator-ship of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IMF and the world-bank run also our industries. No wonder former Merck Rep says Mandatory Vaccination is for Profit and Not Public Health:

The same attitude of the interest-profit dictator-ship is running the Fluoridation at any costs:

Elements behind the establishment of the Federal reserve Bnk, WW1, WW2, and the holohoax and the wars after 1945 to the present situation in the Middle East and other parts of the world are crucial ‘keys’ without 2oth century history and the present world-situation can never be fully understood. To this, see: http://forums.delphiforums.com/oldfri/messages/?msg=20.1

However, the haters of the truth hate the truth-loving Revisionists:

The gift of 9/11 Jewish hate for America revealed, on:


Israel diverting attention by hyping Saudi role in 9/11: analyst:

Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism

Famous Jewish writer Gerard Menuhin exposes the controller of the past in his book
“Tell the Truth and shame the Devil”, on:

Gerard Menuhin: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

Here the information about a PDF-file of a really good book called “The Bad War” that tells the true story of World War One and Two and the origins of Zionism and the New World Order. It makes the official story of both wars look like a fairy-tale. It’s a fascinating book! Happy reading!

The controllers of the past, the present and their future with their ISIS-CIA-Saudi & Israeli Connections:

The ISIS-lie and the Greater Israel-project:

Who is behind the White Genocide Plan?

Contributing to this plan are the bi-partisan politics of Trump & Clinton in support of the Zionist Gangster State of Israel (Follow the sections through and you will discover the role of the Zionists in this plan):


There is a very interesting article about Trump the Zionist on following web-site:


As Trump and Clinton follow Zionist policies, it is understandable that they push the notion of hate,  that the Muslims are the first-degree problem in the world. However their same notion of hate is also directed against Russia, a Christian nation:


The Muslim refugees (terrorists and agent provocateurs) are deliberately moved into Europe and the Western world by the same ilk:


Hungarian Prime Minister: “Soros behind invasion of Europe…..”, on:

Soros, Merkel (half-Jew) & Co., use as pre-text for their genocidal politics, the old Coudenhove-Kalergi-plan:


Wall Street, the City of London & the Zionists, who killed Gaddafi, are also guilty of the black invasion of Europe, because Gaddafi stopped the blacks of Africa to enter Europe:

4,000 illegal African immigrants enter Europe in just two days, hundreds of thousand more lined up – Colonel Gaddafi was right.

Read about the Jewish origins of the open borders-movement on following web-site:

The Jewish Origins of the Open Borders Movement

And the same ilk is the first-degree problem of the world. The same ilk has created ISIS and thus ISIS is not attacking Israel:


The greater Israel plan is the reason for the exodus of Syrians and other Muslims and this exodus is guided by the ilk of Soros, Merkel & Co., who like Trump and Clinton are Zionists, the first-degree problem in the world:




More about George Soros on:

George Soros and his profiteering from the Immigration-crisis:



Ursula Haverbeck speaks about the present invader-crises in relation to the Hooton-Plan:


Read about the genocidal Hooton Plan on following web-site:


According to these  news, someone has to ask the question: “Should  they have listened to Adolf Hitler”?


The other aim of the Zionists to guide Syrians and other Muslims into the Western World, is the genocide of the Western Man. The Zionist CIA- MI5 – Saudi Arabia created Terror- Groups like ISIS are the executors of this aim of the Zionist. :




Rabbi Wants an Islamic Europe as Jewish Revenge! — With Dr. Duke Commentary

The Zionists know that the Western Man at some stage wants to stop the Genocide against himself, by the Muslims, who were pushed into the Western World by the policies of Wall Street, the City of London and the Zionists. For that reason, the Western Man had started some Nationalist Parties. To get the Western Man involved into a fight against Muslims in the Western World, which will also be an incitement of the Western Man to get emotionally ready to fight WW 3 for Israel against Iran, the Zionists through their special political operation-branches subvert nationalist in the Western World against the Muslim world and to favor Israel. To subvert the Freedom Party of Austria, the Zionists assassinated Dr. Joerg Haider:




The solution to the problem:



The Pyrrhic Military Victory of the USSR’s Red Army

To understand the subject “The Pyrrhic – Military – Victory of the USSR’s Red Army”, your attention has to be called to the Israel lobby in the USA, which wants destroy the US – 1st amendment and criminalize resistance. They are the Bolshevists in the USA, as they were in the USSR. Your buds are starting here now. This will be the US – version of the paragraph 130 in Germany and the Fabius-Gayssot laws in France. People like you will be in prison for speaking your minds, but that will be declared as hate-speech. The usual suspects with the help of your 3 monkeys will be after you. Ask the Jew for forgiveness while there’s still time. Put the Star of David on window-display so the Israel Lobby’s angel of death will Passover you:


It’s a sine qua non condition for any important position from judge/premier/prime-minister/general/dean/archbishop and editor in MSM upwards, to be not only bisexual and a free-mason but these days also a paedophile. It’s all about Satan’s chosen people being able to control you. Killing you after the fact is too late for them. The damage is already done. They have to be able to destroy you to such an extent that none of your friends and not even your parents, brother and sisters and your own children will never talk to you again.

Satan’s chosen people working now secretly behind the establishments evil globalist New World Order agenda:



And they were also the forces behind 9/11




And they play their intrigues deceit on everyone, but the Truth finally emerges:





And they cannot live without wars! So the massacre of the West against the innocents continues in Syria, today:



There was once a society who got rid of all this nonsense and enjoyed a joyful  prosperous time between 1933 and 1939 by getting the freedom from the financial powers (including Satan’s chosen people) which has the nations of the world in their clutches today:



And also whole Europe had enjoyed the freedom, hadn’t the same anti-free-speech-resistance-Israel-lobby of the USA rushed aid to the defeated Red Army, and in doing so snatched victory from defeat for the vanquished Red Army. Thanks to our pernicious media, as toxic as was the USSR Bolshevik media in terms of state control, distortion and censorship, the peoples of the Allied nations are appalling ignorant of the causes and consequences of World War Two (writing with some words of Mike Walsh):



Ukrainian-German Collaboration During World War II in 18 images:



The Worker’s Reich & Russia:



The Menonites of Russia went back with the Germans, because they also realized, that they got a better deal with the Germans. An interview with Dr. Ingrid Rimland:


The Nazis saved a lot of Russians and Ukrainians from going into Stalin ‘s Gulags in Siberia:


General Vlasov realized in the end, that Stalin was the arsehole and not Hitler and thus fought for a free Russia with the Germans:



At the end of WW2, Vlasov wanted to fight with the Western Allied against the USSR for Russia’s freedom, but the Western Allied were like the USSR controlled by Satan’s chosen people and for that reason, they handed Vlasov and his men over to their henchman Joseph (Uncle Joe) Stalin. More about Stalin on:



For that reason we celebrate the USSR’s Red Army’s defeats:



Hundreds of Latvian Waffen-SS Veterans march in Riga:





What Stalin and Molotov never could understand was, that the Bolshevik revolution had planted Wall Street sympathizers into the former USSR:



The Soviet Union made in the USA:



He got rid of Trotzky but unfortunately not all of them. With all his good intention, in the end he settled with the Wall Street and City of London-Zionists against Hitler’s Germany. The secret relations of Stalin and the Wall Street and City of London Zionists have to be still revealed, because he played a double-game between them and Hitler. Stalin and Molotov tried to go against the Wall Street and City of London Zionists after 1945, but he had it hard. It is suspected that the Zionist Beria poisoned him in the end.


In Germany the Wall Street and City of London Zionists had their sympathizers too:



In the end these German sympathizers of the Wall Street and City of London Zionists (including the von Thyssens) also settled with the Wall Street and City of London Zionists against Hitler’s Germany. One of these sympathizers, a German worm in the apple was Major General H. v. Tresckow, who let battle-front “Army Group Central” collapse (see section 7) on:



The Wall Street and City of London Zionists never could do a settlement with Hitler, because they lost the power in Germany but with Stalin they could deal, because they had their secret connections still operating in the USSR. Connections which served even the Israeli “Mossad” after 1948. Hitler was the man who defied and fought the bankers:









Stalin’s successors like Khrushchev and in the end Gorbachev (he stated that he had signed the contract for word-government in 1946, if he had been in charge then) compromised with the Wall Street and City of London-Zionists. Also after World War II, the connection were the Gores and Armand Hammer in the USA and their connection to the American Communist Party. Armand Hammer received the Stalin-Blood-Order:







For decades, it was the official policy of the Soviet Union to deny the existence of the secret protocol to the Soviet_- German Pact. Why? The time of trickery and deception will come to an end and at present, Russian Mr. Mikhail Meltyukhov supports the claims of Mr. Rezun/Suvorov:



The Muscovite Russia is not so old. The Muscovites became a cultural centre under Mongol hegemony after the 13 th century, shifting the power from Kiev to Moscow. Under Ivan III the Republic of Novgorod (which still kept the Kiev Russ alive) was destroyed and it is possible, that here lays the twist between Ukrainians and Russians. After the Polish-Bolshevik war from 1919 to 1921, Poland took over some Russian – and Ukrainian territory and committed ethnic cleansing in those areas. There are Ukrainians who felt their loyalty to Russia, while others felt some loyalty to Poland and then there were the ones who called themselves real Ukrainians, which felt no loyalty to anyone else than Ukraine.

Hitler used the money-nobility to get into charge. However when he consolidated power with the help of the German Labor Front in Germany, the International Bankers, Big Jews and the money-nobility had decided against him already, at least in January, 1939, when Hitler sacked the Rothschild-Agent, former minister of economics, Hjalmar von Schacht as President of the German Reichs-bank. Fritz von Thyssen, who was a Nazi-Party member and financial supporter of Hitler broke with him in 1938. The von Thyssens had an interest in the US-Union-Banking (Thyssen & Brown Brothers Harriman). Harriman is still a stakeholder in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, today. The von Thyssens shifted their money back to Union Banking in the USA before 1939 and betrayed Adolf Hitler. The Nazis knew that August von Thyssen had a bank in the Netherland. When the SS checked the bank during occupation, the money could not be traced, because in the meantime the von Thyssens had shifted the money to Union Banking in the USA, which was run by Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the future US-President. The Soviet Union did not intermingle into the money-system of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Rothschild Worlds Stock-Exchange-Trading-system, but Hitler did and for that reason it was possible for W. A. Harriman (stakeholder in the Federal Reserve Bank) to be subsequently dispatched as an ambassador to Moscow to negotiate the terms of the Lend-Lease agreement with Soviet Union, in 1941:



Molotov was part of this agreement:



US-President F D Roosevelt through Gore, Armand Hammer and others had connections to the Communist Party of America, which made the connection between the Soviet Union and the USA possible. The Russians were tricked by Stalin to fight the Great Fatherland war and Stalin used the Orthodox Church for that, just to betray them after 1945. Russians supported ‘Christian crusader’ Nazis in World War II:



Why doesn’t Vladimir Putin mention this? If he did, he’d have more credibility in the books of many people. As it is, he seems like a good guy, but he is a suspected crypto Ashkenazi sympathizer until proven guilty.


The essence of my lecture was, that the ones who fought for Wall Street and the City of London always fought for bullshit and still will do. For that reason, the Russians also fought for bullshit from 1941 to 1945.



The White Russian community in Munich/Germany with their organization “Wiederaufbau” were instrumental in establishing the Nazi-Party, because they knew first Hand what the Jewish Bolsheviks had done to Russia. And it was the aim of these White Russian emigres in Germany to do the Soviet system:





With the Fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Hitler got vindicated, because the Soviet Bolshevik-System had deserved to die long time ago! The Red Army left Middle Germany and Eastern Europe as a result of the political Win of the German Reich which is still according to international law alive and protected. The present Federal Republic of Germany however is still a US-American Zionist Colony, which will also be liberated because the German Reich has not lost WW 2 politically. The fall and disintegration of the USSR is only part of this political victory which will finally led to the functioning of the German Reich. The Gulags came before the Nazi-Concentration-camps, and the Western Allied and the League of Nations would not do anything against them. And there is Mr. Vladimir Rezun and others who gave evidence that Stalin wanted to attack Germany and thus the attack against the USSR happened as preventive knock-out-try:





Also there were the breaches of the Molotov-Pact on behalf of Stalin, not deliver certain raw-materials, contributing to the attitude of Hitler to attack.

Another lie of the USSR at the Nuremberg trial was, that Germany fought a war against the civilian population of the USSR. Truth was, that the USSR engaged its population into partisan-warfare, which was at that time a declared war-crime and the Germans were allowed to do reprisal-shootings according to the Hague Conventions. However Stalin did not recognize the parts of the Hague Conventions, which dealt with partisan-warfare and thus believed he was entitled to do the partisan-warfare. For that reason the USSR demanded that the Allied were exempt from war-crimes allegations at the Nuremberg trial.



The Soviet partisan-leader Ponomarenko bragged that his partisans killed 500.000 German soldiers, wounded 1,6 Million and sabotaged anything they could get hold of behind the lines. Stalin and the Allied at the Nuremberg trial believed the German Army-commanders should have stand by without any reprisals. Dr. James Martin has written about this in his book:

“The Man Who Invented ‘Genocide’. The public Career and Consequences of Raphael Lemkin”



Stalin not only deported the Volga-Germans but all ethnics of the USSR. Some also since he came to power until the point of the German invasion:



Dr. Ingrid Rimland is one of those ethnic Germans who was saved from Stalin’s Holocaust:


Also Putin today, is only the man for the present and also he may fall against the Illuminati:


The Ideological Drive behind Globalism = Neo-Conservatism and its Babylon

The godfather of Neo-Conservatism (Neo-Con) was Historian and Journalist Irving Kristol (Jew), who was in 1940 part of small but vocal Trotskyist anti-Soviet group. The Neo-Con- Chief thinker, Prof. Dr. Leo Strauss (Jew) influenced Weekly Standard editor, Dr. William Kristol (Jew), the son of Irving Kristol.

Leo Strauss was a political Zionist and a follower of Vladimir Jabotinsky, even though he later found it problematic for obvious reasons. He stated: “Political Zionism is problematic for obvious reasons. But I can never forget what it achieved as a moral force in an era of complete dissolution. It helped stem the tide of “progressive” leveling of venerable ancestral differences; it fulfilled a conservative function.”

These Neo-Cons are free traders like the Neo-Liberal Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich von Hayek and differ only in the point that they are more relaxed about budget deficits and tend to reject the Hayekian notion that the growth of government influence on society and public welfare is “the road to serfdom.” Indeed, to safeguard democracy, government intervention and budget deficits may sometimes be necessary , Kristol argues.

Friedrich von Hayek (Austrian-Hungarian who served the Zionist agenda) was an organizer of the Mont Perelin Society and the Institute of Economic Affairs, which inspired Thatcherism. Friedrich von Hayek’s 1944 – Free Trade – supporting book “The Road to Serfdom” also influenced Old Conservative Winston Churchill:


Von Hayek was a follower of the Free Trade Imperialist economics of Adam Smith and the City of London. The political economy of von Hayek and the Old Conservatives, (backed by Wall Street and the City of London Zionists), was the main-greed behind the Western Allies during World War II against Adolf Hitler’s Nazis and the after WW II period until now, with the Neo-Cons. Their system only could survive, because the Communists of the USSR under Stalin backed them during WW II, only to lose against them on December, 26, 1991. The Zionist used the collaboration with the Nazis only to finally sabotage them and turn the whole world against them. To this the Zionists even took site with Stalin and the Soviet Union. The Vietnamese Ho-Chi-Minh and the Chinese Chiang-Kai Shek fought for them during WW II only to be betrayed later. Conclude, that a war for them is always a war for bullshit and the people fighting for them are just their pawn in the game:





Winston Churchill as a puppet of the City of London said a lot in his life by contradicting himself later and he also betrayed Australia at the Arcadio Conference:


Churchill belonged to the men, Sir Oswald Mosley addressed with following words: “These were the men to whom was entrusted the Empire of Great Britain, and whose idleness, ignorance and cowardice left it a Spain.”


The Globalists are able to adapt any color in their plan to conquer the whole world and are also prepared to have back up plans, should the people wake up and do that what is in their own interest and not in the interest of the Globalists.

Dr. Alfred Herrhausen (a Bilderberger) was the chief of the Deutsche Bank and he had a financial key-weapon to finish the parasitic, nation-plundering International-Bankster-System of the Globalists. This weapon was centered around “Debt-Relief for poor countries”. It was a threat to the International-Bankster-System of the Globalists. For this reason, Dr. Herrhausen was assassinated possible also by the CIA, Mossad and MI5 on 30th November, 1989:



Dr. Alfred Herrhausen was a graduate of the German  III. Reichs Napola School and Herrhausen never rejected the universal values he learnt there and these values were standing against the parasitic, nation-plundering Bankster-Bloodsucker-System of the Globalists, as it was in the past, the presence and the future.


What is interesting is the reaction of Ex-Deutsche-Bank boss Josef Ackermann (Jew and one of Herrhausen’s successors). When asked if he could not just reintroduce the topic “debt-relief for poor countries”, he said: ”I believe, I would end like Herr Herrhausen”.


After WW 2, Germany did not get another Versailles Treaty, but the Globalist Allied did not need this anymore because they had Germany by the short and curlies and with certain methods, Germany could be kept in subjugation, as the case of former Deutsche Bank Chief Dr. Alfred Herrhausen shows. The Germans became economically to great again for these Globalists and after Herrhausen, the Globalists developed a plan to destroy the German “Deutsche Mark” with the Euro and the International Bankster-Zionist direction of the European Union, which itself is an Anglo-Zionist Globalist project, through the European Center Bank which is controlled by Bankster Goldmann Sachs. As NATO is just there to keep the Germans down, so there is also the financial system of the International Banksters  of the Globalists and Zionists. They do anything to save their world-financial domination by keeping the US-Dollar as world-leading currency. Remember Saddam Hussein wanted to deal in the Euro instead of the US-Dollar and got done. Gaddafi established a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar and got done. Yes, they were – and are also willing to go to war to keep their world-financial domination. To this see more on following web-site: https://factualtransparencyexchange.wordpress.com/

Their present war-criminal activities were exposed at the special Sydney-Forum on 17th December, 2016, as you can see on following web-site:



To find out more about the Anglo-Zionist Globalist project of the European Union, see the last section of the article “The Judaeo-Masonic Roots of Ulster British Loyalism” on following web-site:



FED-former-Chief, Alan Greenspan (Jew) predicted that the Euro will come, but it will not survive. All in the interest of the Globalist.

After the death of Dr. Herrhausen, the Globalist moved quickly and made sure that their key-men Mr. Kopper, Mr. Breuer and Mr. Ackermann (Jew) were in charge of the Deutsche Bank. These gentlemen internationalized  the Deutsche Bank. For that reason,  the Deutsche Bank bought bankrupt banks like the bankrupt US-Investment “Bankers Trust”. The Deutsche Bank had to buy “Bankers Trust” at a three times inflated price, so the bloodsuckers of the Wall-Street Zionist could be kept happy. Furthermore they moved the Deutsche Bank into buying into the Derivative Marked and the pillar of German Banking lost its way into the downfall:



Only in German:


To this read also the Banking-Swindle and is Babylon falling on:


However the destruction of the “Deutsche Bank” , the Goldman-Sachs controlled European Center-Bank, the European Union, NATO and the “nothing more than the organized form of modality of foreign domination, namely the FRG = Fraudsters Run Germany”, would be the revival of the “German Reich” which does still exist according the International Peoples’ Law:



This month or so will be very important to the Joo power structure and in particular for the Guardian of the Treasury of the Vatican:



The JooSA is a vassal of the City of London, at least since 1913. However since 15 – 5 – 1213, England has been a fief of the Vatican’s feudal sovereignty:


They are all up against the wall if Trump gets sworn in. And, in the next week we might expect them to attempt some thing  big to preclude Trump being the 45th President:


And here some Risks and Opportunities for 2017: